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4 steps to resolve the error woodworking engraving machine samples

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4 steps to resolve the error woodworking engraving machine samples. Woodworking engraving machine now relatively speaking past performance is getting better and better, but this is unavoidable there will be some error in the process of carving. Jinan Acut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd. offers 4-point solutions, and I hope you find these helpful:
One: if there is a problem to check the design file conversion.
II: Pulse equivalent setting does not modify the parameters correctly.
Three: Check the screw seat coupling gap adjustment.
Four: pinch carving materials to prevent loosening.
These four points are the most common common, if there are other solutions, please propose to learn together. In addition, we all know that improvements woodworking engraving machine, provides an optimized arc instruction, breakpoint memory function, but also can directly display processing track and mimic diagrams, more intuitive the process presented in advance that processing effect, thereby reducing the error rate. For the improvement of this column, we described the function of wood engraving machine is more perfect, more suited to the needs of the public.



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