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Advantages and disadvantages of using a plasma cutting machine

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Advantages and disadvantages of using a plasma cutting machine. As we all know, it is the use of plasma cutting machine plasma cutting technology for the metal material processing machinery. Plasma cutting machine principle is: the use of high-temperature heat plasma arc metal portion of the workpiece incision or partial melting (and evaporation), and by the high velocity plasma momentum exclude the molten metal to form a processing method incision.
General characteristics of plasma cutting machine are: 1 available for concurrent use; 2 automatic and semi-automatic cutting dual-mode choice; 3 Digital precise control of cutting length, because these three overall perfect plasma cutting machine available... Features high, so is very popular in the advertising industry, the use of plasma cutting machine cutting precision of the products can be required to achieve the perfect people, but it is not enough to become complex, difficult, here we come to talk about advantages and disadvantages of using a plasma cutting machine:
Plasma cutting machine advantages:
A plasma cutting machine through CNC controller system that is providing cutting technology, cutting process and automatic control technology for controlling and improving cut quality and cutting efficiency.
Second, CNC nesting software through computer graphics, parts nesting and NC programming optimization, to effectively improve the utilization rate of steel production preparation improves cutting efficiency.
Plasma cutting machine Disadvantages:
First, the requirement of adequate experience:
Explanation: That CNC system controller, CNC cutting machine is the heart, if you do not use good CNC system, CNC system or do not have the proper experience and cutting cutting process, resulting in cut quality problems, thereby reducing the cutting efficiency, resulting in steel waste, also lose the Advanced CNC cutting automation, high efficiency, high quality and high efficiency.
Second, high efficiency, programming complexity, waste steel:
Explanation: CNC cutting due to higher cutting efficiency, nesting programming more complicated, if you do not use or do not use good programming software optimized nesting, steel waste will be more serious, leading to cut faster, cut the more, the more waste many.
Summary: From the content mentioned above, surely we can see that: in our plasma cutting machine technology is not perfect, and unlike wood engraving machine stone engraving machine as intelligent and humane, of course, we also hope in the future, the plasma cutting machine absorb external experience, strive to show the most advanced side for everyone to use.



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