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Carved engraving machine automatic nesting software detailed process

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Carved engraving machine automatic nesting software detailed process. Jinan Acut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd. rely on cooperation and development, promoting high-tech, high-quality ideas, engage in research and manufacturing of CNC products in advertising, laser, woodworking and other areas, with a forge ahead, to share the results of the fighting spirit and credibility first, service-oriented principle of service, steady and sustainable development.
Then carved engraving machine automatic nesting software has a detailed process of how it Here we have to explain in detail?:
In order to save material, usually before cutting, must by moving, rotating, and other functions, the character strokes interspersed with each other; arranged so as compact as possible, to reduce the blank area of ​​the forum. Earlier versions JDPaint only through the manual, a stroke a stroke transform, Interpolation, spend a lot of time is not to say, not necessarily aligned to achieve satisfactory results. JDPaint4.13 increased nesting tools; can be automatically strokes interspersed with each other within the designated area, with, if a little manual layout, you will get the ideal layout, thus saving a lot of time.
Automatic nesting process:
1, designated nesting area estimation sample area occupied, generally draw a rectangle. Of course, it can be cut in accordance with organic board size, shape, draw graphics, placed as a sample area (nesting boundary), of course, to be considered when drawing a rectangle the size of the engraving machine table.
2. Select the sample to be ranked to select all strokes.
3, call nesting tool; click function layout tools Layout tools; command, or enter the nesting tool environment. Appear around each sample blue outline, this outline is nesting tool sample margin, equivalent to sample regional isometric; obtained after graphics, sample margins; re set this function described in the next step . Then, the right side of the window lists the nesting tool; the function button.
4, set up after the nesting distance spacing between stroke and stroke sheet between the completion of the third step, click on the rectangle; pop-up is set to take the edge distance; dialog box, set margins and blank samples margins. Sheet Margin: sheet margins: the distance between the sheet and the Strokes, the default value of 0.5. The system will generate a new contour map based on the distance to the green. We call it the materials to build the sideline. Sheet margins depending on the circumstances may be. Sample Margin: Margin sample: the spacing between strokes, the default value of 0.5. The system will be based on the distance between the outer contour of the generated sample, shown in blue. We call it ride sample edges. Take the edges to each other in the process of nesting interference checking to avoid cross strokes. Note: The sample margins greater than or equal to the radius of the tool used!
5, automatic nesting; click automatic nesting; button to bring up automatic nesting set; the dialog box, set the parameters (the specific meaning of each parameter is explained later).
6, the end of the nesting system after the calculation is completed, the sample is automatically placed in a rectangular member;, the plate-like member materials and take edges continue to exist, then you can use the manual adjustment of individual strokes. After the end of the nesting, hitting Esc; key to exit nesting environment.



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