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Detailed steps engraving machine handle control system operation

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Detailed steps engraving machine handle control system operation, Jinan Acut  CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd. rely on cooperation and development, promoting high-tech, high-quality ideas, engage in research and manufacturing of CNC products in advertising, laser, woodworking and other areas, by virtue of forge ahead, to share the results of the fighting spirit and the credibility of the first, service-oriented principle of service, steady and sustainable development.
So detailed steps engraving machine handle control system operation, what does Here we have to explain in detail?:
Xiao Bian here would like to ask you on one of the "relief software easier to learn it's carved engraved Jinan Jinshi?", I got it now that we learn down please?:
First, let's look at the meaning of engraving machine control system, occupies what position in the engraving machine:
Engraving machine control system, the core part of the engraving machine, the brain and the soul. With a good bed on the existing good health. To get him to move, you create more profits, which need to give it a smart brain, pure soul. The controller consists of three parts, a drive two, three drive, carving controllers and PC software.
Here come into the theme, to talk about the detailed steps:
1. The engraving machine handle is connected via the 50-pin connection to the machine, power;
2 engraving machine handle LCD whether homing;?, Press OK; machine zero return key, press Delete; key does not return to the origin of the machine, press the Cancel; key only Z axis homing;
3. Move the engraving machine X, Y, Z-axis to the specified location, then XY → 0; keys and Z → 0; key cleared to determine the origin of the work;
4. Run; key, select the file; item, move the cursor to select the file type, press OK; key to enter the U disk file list or a list of internal documents. For U disk file list files, X +; and X-; move the cursor to the target file, press OK; button to start processing; for internal file list file, the file before pressing the corresponding number key select the files to be processed, according to menu; scroll key to find the file;
5. Select the processing file, the processing parameters configuration item, press X +; and X-; move the cursor to select a different parameter, press OK; enter numerical settings. When the value changes, press Delete entry error; key to delete erroneous input, when input is complete press OK; to confirm the new value, press cancel; key to return to the original value. Users must be combined with the actual situation and the need to modify the above-mentioned processing machine configuration parameters, otherwise it will cause processing errors.
6. After processing parameter setting is complete, press Cancel; exit the process parameter changes. The system starts checking processing code, after the inspection is completed, press Enter; key to start processing.
7. engraving machine process, press Y +; Y-; to change the speed ratio, press Z +; Z-; to change the spindle speed;
8. woodworking engraving machine process, press the PAUSE; key to adjust the position of three-axis, then pause; when prompted original position;? Press Pause; to confirm the new location and begin working, and press OK; button to continue without making changes location continue processing;
9. The process of wood engraving machine, press the stop; to stop working, prompted to save breakpoints; if necessary from the current position of the new process, press 1 ;, or 2; 3; 4; 5; or 6; and key press OK; key, save the current process, if you do not continue to process, then press stop; button. It is prompted to zero;?, Press OK; button to go back to work the origin, press the stop; key does not work back home;
10. breakpoint processing. If you need to continue to the stored raw file for processing, according to the movement; key + the corresponding number key, processing parameters, operating with the above-described 5,6. Press Cancel; breakpoint line number where the document appears, press OK; button to start detection code, to return to stop position after testing began processing;
11. Power-down processing. In the process, in case of power failure, the control system will automatically save the data processing is not finished. After re-call, press OK; homing key, the screen prompts whether power loss recovery; press OK; button to start running down the front of the unfinished process, press Cancel; unfinished processing key is not executed.
12. After the processing start, the system will display real-time processing in the state, such as speed ratio, the remaining processing time, processing speed and real-time execution of the document line.



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