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Elaborate engraving machine Jinan tip

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Elaborate engraving machine Jinan tip, Jinan Acut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd. based cooperative research and development, promoting high-tech, high-quality concept in advertising research in numerical control products, laser, woodworking and other areas and manufacturing, with a forge ahead, to share the results of the fighting spirit and the credibility of the first, service-oriented principle of service, steady and sustainable development.
        We here want to ask, on a "Eura Drives SD10 servo drive applications in three-dimensional engraving machine," we learn it?
? Then explain in detail Jinan engraving machine heads, what does Here we have to explain in detail:
Segment Jinan engraving machine for engraving is like human hands, its importance goes without saying that language, so the head must understand that knowledge is knowledge!
Jinan engraving machine heads categories:
1, trimming knife different guide wheel is mounted at the end of the blade, trimming knife similar to a model knife. Rather than mounted on the handle.
2, except that the end of the round knife blade is circular guitars can be used to accomplish some special work with a model knife similar structure. Such as making IbanezJem scratch guitar bridge-like round ducts. Of course, it can only round chisel to complete similar work.
3, the model is basically just means the head of the most common straight edge blade shank guide wheel guide wheel mounted on the handle can be made of wood follow the contours of the body fixed on the piano model makes the following planing edge strips away excess wood on the local, guitar create the most useful tip should be the model for the tip. That is an exact copy of the template contour to the piano body. Then use probabilistic model deviates from the guide wheel or damage model from happening would be much lower. If you can buy on the handle is equipped with more than one template guide tip wheel.
4, the helical blade tip carved opportunity from time to time by the top of the upward force, according to the way you use (handheld or mounted to the engraving table) helical blade tip can have two effects. Hand engraving machine spin when the blade tip. The engraving machine engraving machine to make its own weight still pressed against the wood, allowing scratched surface smoother. If the engraving machine mounted on the table and use the rotary blade, it will be pulled down when the timber is processed, and thus more closely snapping workbench.
The most basic difference between all heads Jinan CNC engraving machine two things: the size of the handle and blade quality. The two most common standard sizes for high-load work 1/2 "bits and generally low-end machine carving rare 1/4" tip, shank size depends on what you are using engraving machine knife jig head specifications. Although some of these special machinery and equipment to use different specifications, but is not common. Some engraving machine in addition to the standard 1/2 "outside jig heads can also comes with a 1/4" tip bushing. Why is there are two standard heads it? 1/2 "shank diameter specification was developed to allow engraving machine fixture can be more tightly gripping the handle, so the larger the blade tip with some high-load operation. Use 1/4 "tip engraving machine generally not designed for the high-load work and therefore there is no need to convert with a jig apparatus. Segment information for the manufacture of metal is therefore quite noble 1/4 "tip relative price of 1/2" to be a lot cheaper. That steel blade, inexpensive and high-quality carbon steel blade tip edge / full steel (industrial grade) head. Carbon steel blade relative to the blade tip requires more daily grinding, head quality can be divided into three categories as a whole. Because it is easy to become dull blade. Cheap steel blade durable than ordinary steel blade to a number, but also become dull, and only grinding 2-3 times, after the local steel blade on it was completely worn out high-quality carbon steel blade better use of information, adhere to sharp longer times can also more polished, life can reach more than three times as cheap steel tip. Although high-quality bit more expensive, but in the long run it is worth so engraving machine is not working properly may damage the wood. The correct solution is when you realize that blunt tip, the peace warning! Engraving machine to work because of a sharp tip is to use the premise, so if you use the tip becomes blunt and you do not consciously gradually increasing the force pushing engraving machine. It should be appropriate to reduce the depth of each pin plane and slow movement speed engraving machine.



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