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How to choose their own engraving machine tool

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How to choose their own engraving machine tool? What skills? Jinan Acut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd in research and advertising, laser, woodworking and other areas rely on cooperation and development, promoting high-tech, high-quality concept in CNC engraving machine CNC products manufacturing, with a forge ahead, to share the results of the fighting spirit and the credibility of the first, service-oriented principle of service, steady and sustainable development.
So how to choose their own engraving machine tool woodworking what skills it Here we have to explain in detail??:
Wood engraving machine engraving different materials to choose the appropriate carving chisel, then the nature of which corresponds to different materials carving knives have it:
1, MDF Cutting, recommended the use of a large double-edged spiral cutter chip, which has a high capacity of two flutes, double-edged design, both with good chip function, but also a good tool to achieve balance, when processing high density, not black, do not smoke, and long service life.
2, plywood, plywood processing, and recommended the use of double-edged straight groove cutter.
3, acrylic mirror engraving recommended diamond graver.
4, high-density, solid wood edge tooth cutter is recommended.
5, acrylic cutting, it is recommended to use a single blade spiral cutter, characterized by the processing of tasteless smoke-free, high speed, high efficiency, non-stick dust, real environmental protection, its special manufacturing process to ensure that no population explosion processing acrylic , fine knife pattern (or no knife pattern), the surface is smooth. Machined surface required to achieve a matte effect, it is recommended to use three double-edged blade spiral cutter.



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