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How to judge engraving machine stepper motor from overheating

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How to judge engraving machine stepper motor from overheating. Like the stepper motor engraving machine spindle motor, as the temperature is constantly rises, but there is a spindle motor cooling water to reduce the amount of heat generated. In fact, it is the internal composition of the core and windings. Winding resistance, the use of electricity will produce some heat.
However, the stepper motor is without water cooling, then how to determine its overheating problem then. Actually, the problem is very simple. A reasonable range of stepper motor heating, electrical heating allow to what extent, depends on the internal electrical insulation class. Internal insulation properties at high temperatures (above 130 degrees) will be destroyed.
Stepper motor temperature is too high will lead CNC engraving machine dislocation phenomena occur during normal operation. So it is best after several hours of continuous operation of the machine, the machine a short break.
The internal temperature we may not be able to accurately measure, but we can measure the surface temperature of the motor. When the internal temperature at 130 degrees, the outside will be around 90 degrees. So long as the interior does not exceed 130 degrees, the motor will not be damaged.
Stepper motor surface temperature of 70-80 degrees is normal. Useful for simple temperature measurement point thermometer to be a rough judgment: 1-2 seconds hand can touch, not more than 60 degrees; only touches the hand, about 70-80 degrees; few drops of water fast gas oriented, above the 90 degrees.



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