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How we can judge the quality of the engraving machine spindle motor is good or bad yet

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How we can judge the quality of the engraving machine spindle motor is good or bad yet. Jinan Acut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd. rely on cooperation and development, promoting high-tech, high-quality ideas, engage in research and manufacturing of CNC products in advertising, laser, woodworking and other areas, with a forge ahead, to share the results of the fighting spirit and credibility first, service-oriented principle of service, steady and sustainable development
So what can discern quality engraving machine spindle motor is good or bad it Here we describe in detail:? In recent years, low-quality and low prices of electro-spindle on the common market, such as conventional spindle: 48/62/80 These more commonly used electric spindle 4--5 can be sold more than 2,000 years ago, and now a few years between the price dropped a lot, and some manufacturers even to maliciously seize the only market that, by virtue of a more just want to low price one-time monopoly of the industry ridiculously low prices to sell to 6-7 hundred Yuan in fact, there are cheap cheap natural truth in it;!! it would be a lot of people's mantra, but also tend to be too low price dazzled! some direct factors, such as electro-spindle with a variety of raw materials prices are rising dramatically, especially copper, steel, enameled these spindles required material gains very powerful.
Cheap Spindle some of the features:
1, manufacturing rough: common mainly, all kinds of electric motors with a spindle body parts, such as bearing, washers, etc. In accordance with the high demand, these actually have to go through coarse grinding, grinding, grinding, grinding and then such a process, while the price is relatively low spindle, usually only do the first two steps! Some even used instead of finishing mill processing. Thus the spindle is good or bad, the price gap will have a great difference. IMPORTANT: electric spindle CNC machining, the requirements are very high, the accuracy is not beating up on other indicators of the quality of processed products are subject to varying degrees. This loss caused by the spindle that money later than the original, is simply can not be compared.
2. Choose low-level bearings price level now is not the same, the price is a big gap, all ceramic ball bearings price can reach thousands, while the average high-speed bearings, the price is often very expensive, and even a few there are people with money, imagine, low-quality low-priced products, will sell 6-7 hundred what bearing. IMPORTANT: consumers want to be able to carefully identify the time of purchase.
3, a variety of alternative raw materials is no doubt that the need to reduce costs on the one hand in the manufacturing process to reduce, on the other hand the most effective; way is to replace a variety of raw materials. Common market phenomenon some alternatives: aluminum instead of copper: there will be some impact on the various properties of the motor. And after aluminum, relatively much cheaper than copper. In some alternative rubber cover iron and so on.
4, the spindle stock or hands knowledgeable people must know, if you know something about technology, can be processed by polishing the surface like the old spindle after such surface polishing may be reprocessed into new, so the cost will be very low, but things used, in terms of precision, performance, seemingly no problem, in fact, the performance of precision parts, have already beat you in the future when the workpiece, a direct adverse impact on!
5, random verbal commitment in order to achieve the same industry with the same commitment as one year warranty and some other related retirement security standards, in order to do business, casual verbal commitment on the surface resulting in a cheaper and high quality guise of advice:! I hope you Buyers must be carefully chosen electro-spindle.



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