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Introduction Jinan engraving machine and carving methods of classification

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Introduction Jinan engraving machine and carving methods of classification, Jinan Jinshike CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd. based cooperative research and development, promoting high-tech, high-quality concept in CNC products in the field of advertising, laser, woodworking, etc. research and manufacturing, with a forge ahead, to share the results of the fighting spirit and the credibility of the first, service-oriented principle of service, steady and sustainable development.
So Introduction Jinan engraving machine engraving system of classification and methods in the end, what does Here we have to explain in detail?:
Systematic classification into three categories: 1, a hybrid servo motor drive +
Mixed servo use in the country has not been universal, the reason there are many foreign manufacturers make hybrid servo much, and the price relative to the AC servo compared with no very big advantage, can only be used in some special industries. Improvements: improve speed performance, reduce the heat and reduce resonance.
2, AC servo drive AC servo motor +
AC servo Jinan engraving machine in use is still relatively small, mainly due to higher prices, additional AC servo applications for machine tool construction, electrical, control system, transmission system has certain requirements, the same principle as the barrel, the shortest piece of board determines the amount of barrels filled with water, because these are generally used in high-end AC servo models. AC servo: a fast response, torque, high speed, high precision, less heat, continuous work long hours, complete alarm systems. Disadvantages: different devices use different servo parameters, adjustment parameters requires a high level of technical engineers.
3, stepper drives stepper motor +
Stepper systems currently on the market is the most used of the drive system, the most popular is the three-phase hybrid stepper motors, accounting for more than 90% market share, the reason is the low price, coupled with high subdivision driver Lemire after a good effect. However, defects are more obvious, such as: resonance, noise, speed increases to reduce the torque, long working hours easily lost step, motor temperature rise too high.
Further Jinan engraving machine controller generally divided into two categories:
Just do a drive controller class. Jinan engraving machine work when the computer is in a wait state, and all the computational work done by the computer. Unable typesetting work.
Another controller uses when SBC or MCU control, this controller is actually a computer, so long as the engraving machine start work, the computer can immediately carry out other typesetting work, especially for a long time carving the particularly evident advantages. Good screw and guide rail is to ensure its accuracy and performance of Jinan engraving machine used for a long time. Screw and guide rail is an important integral part of Jinan engraving machine.
This carving machine has divided into two categories, the other is a high-power engraving head of the engraving machine. One is the large format cutting machine: format usually more than one meter, but the accuracy of this engraving machine generally poor; the other is a format moderate engraving machine: This stone engraving machine generally used in fine processing and production of organic label . This is a noble can replace solid-state lasers and glass hit the radical technical standard methods (25WCO2 laser marking can satisfy most of the requirements on the glass) CO2 laser marking by damaging the outer glass on glass, a new technology make use of sealed off CO2 laser shot clean-cut high-quality logo directly on the glass as possible. Thus a number of cracks in the glass is allowed but the crack will cause excess flag is not clear, the potential weak intensity data, the more serious the substrate become loose. However, there is a laser engraving machine companies found that the amount of crack marking process precise control of information can prevent these problems.
The greater the intensity, the intensity of engraving: engraving machine carving intensity refers to the incident laser beam intensity profile appearance. For specific engraving speed. Depth of cutting or carving the greater. You can use the engraving machine panel to adjust the intensity can also be adjusted using the print driver sequence of your computer. 1% to 100% range, the adjustment is the greater of 1% strength, equivalent to the greater speed. The depth of cut is also deeper.



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