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Jinan engraving machine how to use auxiliary lines and capture capabilities to achieve positioning function

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Jinan engraving machine how to use auxiliary lines and capture capabilities to achieve positioning function? Jinan Acut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd. based cooperative research and development, promoting high-tech, high-quality concept in CNC products in advertising, laser research and manufacturing, carpentry and other fields, with a forge ahead, to share the results of the fighting spirit and the credibility of the first, service-oriented principle of service, steady and sustainable development.
        Xiao Bian here want to ask, on a "wood engraving machine motor heat any harm?" We learn it?
? So how about Jinan engraving machine with auxiliary lines and capture capabilities to achieve targeting it Here we have to explain in detail:
Engraving from the machining principle is a combination of drilling and milling machining, Jinan engraving machine multiple data entry modes as required ease. Computer engraving machine laser engraving and mechanical engraving two categories, these two types have high power and low power of the points. Since the scope of application of Jinan engraving machine is widely used, it is necessary to understand the variety of the most suitable application Jinan engraving machine. Only suitable for low-power color plates, building models, small signs, three-dimensional crafts. Since the power is too small to significantly affect the scope of its application. High-power engraving machine can do something low-power engraving machine. Most suitable for large-scale cutting, embossing, engraving.
Weihong and DSP comparison:
<1>. Weihong optimization better, carving a path relatively soft, smooth, relatively little better than the DSP.
<2>. Weihong operating system is more stable, DSP handle problematic, U inventory investigation to go easy in the virus, the program will be destroyed and problems.
<3>. Weihong ex-factory price in about 3500, uv glue DSP ex-factory price of about 2500.
<4>. Weihong is connected to the computer PC, you can be plotted directly on the computer, and then import the sculpture program, direct processing. The DSP DSP handle must be connected with the U disk, too convenient.
<5> .DSP handle memory only 128M, due to the limited file storage, it is necessary to keep deleted files.
The main function of the auxiliary line are: to help users accurately determine the location of the current layout of the content in the page; you can be part of several independent objects accurately distributed in the same horizontal or vertical line (auxiliary line has no effect on printing and plotting output ) there are two specific setting method:
1, drag the guides from the ruler. This method is mainly used to accurately determine whether two or more separate blocks of text or graphics on demand in the same horizontal or vertical line, in order to reduce the error caused by the naked eye to judge. This method is relatively simple, namely: Place the cursor on the layout above or to the left of the scale, press the left mouse button down or pull to the right, you can see two blue dashed lines in the pages the user can metric ruler to place the auxiliary line.
2, precise definition of the auxiliary line. This method can accurately separate layout object to the layout of a location method: the implementation of "Auxiliary line settings" command, the system will play the dialog "Options" menu. Click the "Add" button, the system will list the value of an auxiliary line in the display box, allowing users to modify as needed. The horizontal line represents the value in the choice is represented from the layout with the top distance, select the vertical distance from the line to the left (the default value is zero mm). The user can modify the system prompt values ​​as needed, then press the "OK" button to set the auxiliary line is displayed on the layout. For example, we modify the value of 5 mm, this represents an auxiliary line in the distance above the level of 5 mm at the forum. In addition there is a neat toolbar; menu in the menu below there are a lot of neat positioning function, Jinan engraving machine engraving machine a user can click a Trial to find a way of positioning themselves more smoothly.
3, digital positioning. Digital positioning function can be used to precisely define the selected pattern or text position in the layout and its own size. The specific setting method is: a pop-up "numerical positioning" dialog box.
a: the implementation of "digital cartography""Advanced Features" menu command. The default value is the currently selected object in the layout position and size.
b: Numerical positioning the drawing box. Millimeters. Users can according to their needs, changing values, such as defining the horizontal position of the selected object is 30 mm, vertical 30 mm, width of the object is 70 mm and a height of 40 mm.



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