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Jinan engraving machine inverter basic knowledge of the principles large summary

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Jinan engraving machine inverter basic knowledge of the principles large summary. Jinan Acut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd. rely on cooperative research and development, promoting high-tech, high-quality ideas, engage in research and manufacturing of CNC products in advertising, laser, woodworking and other areas, with a forge ahead, the outcome share fighting spirit and credibility of the first, service-oriented principle of service, steady and sustainable development.
So engraving machine inverter basic knowledge of the principles, what does the big summary Here we have to explain in detail?:
Foundation course drive * 1: VVVF change the voltage, frequency change (Variable Voltageand Variable Frequency) Abbreviation * 2:. CVCF constant voltage and constant frequency (Constant Voltageand Constant Frequency) Abbreviation countries to use an AC power supply, whether for family still used in factories, voltage and frequency are 200V / 60Hz (50Hz) or 100V / 60Hz (50Hz), and so on. Typically, the fixed voltage and frequency AC power converting apparatus of the alternating current or voltage variable frequency inverter is referred to;. In order to produce a variable voltage and frequency, the device is first necessary to convert AC power to DC (DC). The direct current (DC) is converted into alternating current (AC) means the scientific term for the inverter; (inverter). Since the main means for generating variations in voltage or frequency inverter device called inverter ;, so the product itself was named inverter ;, namely: drive, the drive can also be used for household electrical appliances. Inverter home appliances not only have the motor (such as air conditioning, etc.), as well as fluorescent lamps and other products. Inverter for motor control, can change both voltage and frequency can be changed. But the drive for fluorescent lamps primarily for regulating the power supply frequency. Device battery (DC) generated alternating current used on the car are also inverter; the name was sold. Inverter works have been widely used in various fields.
Such as computer power supply, in this application, the drive for inhibiting reverse voltage, power outages and frequency fluctuations supply. 2. Why is the rotational speed of the motor can be freely changed * 1:? R / min motor rotation speed unit: number of times per minute rotation can also be expressed as rpm, for example: 4-pole motor 60Hz1,800 [r / min] 4-pole motor motor [r / min] rotational speed of the motor with a frequency proportional to the 50Hz1,500 referred to herein as the AC induction motor, the motor most used in the industrial sector are of this type of motor. Poles AC induction motor (hereinafter referred to as the motor) of the rotation speed of approximately determined depending on the motor and frequency (as shown below). Depending on the operating principle of the motor motor pole number is fixed. Since the pole is not a continuous numerical value (a multiple of 2, for example, the number of poles 2,4,6), so the discomfort and change the value to adjust the speed of the motor.
In addition, the frequency of the electrical power supply of the motor, so that the values ​​can be adjusted on the outside of the motor and then supplied to the motor, the rotational speed of the motor so that it can be freely controlled. Therefore, for the purpose of controlling the frequency inverter, motor speed control device is used as the preferred device. n = 60f / pn: synchronous speed f: supply frequency p: Number of motor poles change frequency and voltage is the optimal motor control method. If you change the frequency only, the motor will be burned. Especially when the frequency is reduced, the problem is very prominent. To prevent motor burn accidents, while changing the frequency inverter must simultaneously change the voltage.
For example: In order to make the rotation speed of the motor is halved, the output frequency of the inverter must be changed from 60Hz to 30Hz, then the output voltage of the inverter must be changed from 200V to about 100V.
For example: In order to make the rotation speed of the motor is halved, the output frequency of the inverter must be changed from 60Hz to 30Hz, then the output voltage of the inverter must be changed from 200V to about 100V.
If you want to use the correct drive, we must carefully consider the heat problem. Inverter failure rate with increasing temperature from rising index. Life with increasing temperature dropped from the index. Ambient temperature 10 degrees, the service life of the drive halved. Therefore, we should pay attention to heat issues ah! When the drive is operating, the current flowing through the drive is great, the heat generated by the drive is very large, it can not ignore the impact of the heat generated by the usual, install the inverter control cabinet. We must understand that a drive is about how much heat can be estimated using the following formula: = calorific approximation inverter capacity (KW) × 55 [W] here, if the drive is constant torque load capacity registration (flow capacity 150% * 60s) is also a cabinet If the drive has a DC reactor or AC reactor, and which, when the heat will be even greater. Reactors installed in the drive side or above measured better. Then you can use the estimate: Inverter capacity (KW) × 60 [W] as each inverter manufacturers of hardware are similar, so the formula can for each brand.
Note: If the braking resistor, then, because the heat resistance of a large amount of the brake, it is best to install the best location and the drive to isolate, as installed in the cabinet above or beside the like.
So, how mining can reduce the heat in the control cabinet it? When the drive is installed in the control cabinet to consider the inverter calorific value. According to increase the calorific value generated in the cabinet, it should be appropriate to increase the size of the cabinet. Therefore, if the size of the control cabinet to minimize the heat value is generated in the cabinet must make to minimize. If the drive is installed, the heatsink portion of the inverter to the outside of the control cabinet, the drive will be 70% of the amount of heat released to the outside of the control cabinet. Due to the large capacity drive has a great amount of heat, so the more efficient large capacity inverter. You can also use the separator plate body and radiator are separated so that the heat sink does not affect the inverter. This effect is also very good. Inverter thermal design are to be mounted vertically based, sideways put the heat will deteriorate! Cooling fan on the inverter power in general slightly larger, are equipped with a cooling fan. It also recommends the installation in the control cabinet cooling fan outlet. Inlet to add filter to prevent dust from entering the control cabinet. Note that the control cabinet and inverter fan is to be, and who can not substitute anyone. Other heat on question 1. At an altitude of 1000m above the place, because the air density decreases, so the cabinet should increase the amount of cooling air to improve cooling effect. Theoretically drive should also consider derating, 1000m -5% each. However, due to the fact because of the design load capacity and heat dissipation of the inverter is generally larger than actual use, so it depends on the specific application. Let's say at 1500m place, but cyclical loads such as elevator, derating is not necessary. 2. Switching Frequency: inverter heat mainly from the IGBT, IGBT fever has concentrated on and off in an instant.
Therefore, high calorific natural inverter switching frequency becomes large. Some manufacturers claim that reducing the switching frequency can be expanded, is the truth. Vector control is how the motor having a large torque * 1:? Torque boost This function increases the output voltage of the inverter, so that the increase proportional to the square of the relationship between the motor torque and output voltage, thereby improving motor output torque. Improve low-speed torque output of the motor output torque is insufficient use of the technology, "Vector Control", allows the motor at low speed, such as (no speed sensor) 1Hz (for 4-pole motor, the speed is about 30r / min) can be achieved when 50Hz supply motor output torque (up to approximately 150% of rated torque). For conventional V / F control, the motor voltage drop with the decrease of the motor speed and the relative increase, which leads to insufficient excitation, leaving the motor can not get enough rotational force. To compensate for this deficiency, the need to increase the drive voltage, and decrease the motor speed to compensate for the voltage drop caused. This inverter feature called "torque boost" (* 1). Torque boost function is to improve the output voltage of the inverter. However, even if the output voltage to improve a lot, motor torque and it does not correspond to the current increase. Because the motor current and torque component that contains other components generated by the motor (such as the excitation component). "Vector control" the current value of the motor are assigned to determine the value of the motor current component and produce other torque current component (such as the excitation component).



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