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Plasma Cutting Machine ACUT-1325

  • Plasma Cutting Machine ACUT-1325
  • Plasma Cutting Machine ACUT-1325
  • Plasma Cutting Machine ACUT-1325
  • Iron, Steel, Aluminum sheets, Galvanized sheets
  • 0.5-15mm
  • 0-8000mm/min
  • 8.5kw
  • 50HZ
Light beam design, good rigidity, light weight and tiny moving inertia.
Y axis adopts double motors with double drives. XYZ axis round rail, moving smoothly, with high accuracy. (option: square rail )
Excellent performance on cutting illuminated letters for advertising and channel letters on metal surface board
Work together with other advertising machines, such as CNC router and so on, improving working efficiency
Small cutting gap, no residua
High cutting speed, high accuracy and low cost
Advanced CNC control system, auto arc, arcing success rate over99%
Support G code files of Wentai, ARTCAM, Type 3 software. Also support DXF files of AUTOCAD by transfer software. Control system supports U disk file transfer, easy operation
Adopt well known plasma power supply and domestic cutting torch
Technical Parameter
1325                            1530                            2040
Working area(X*Y) 1300×2500 mm          1500×3000mm      2000×4000mm
Working material Iron, Steel, Aluminum sheets, Galvanized sheets, Titanium plates
Cutting thickness 0.5-15mm
Cutting speed 0-8000mm/min
Power 8.5kw
Input voltage 3 phase 380V
Power frequency 50HZ
Plasma power 60A or 100A
Files transfer USB interface
Arc Untouched arc striking



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