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Setting machine engraving machine handle back to the origin of the technique have

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Setting machine engraving machine handle back to the origin of the technique have? Jinan Acut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd.  rely on cooperative research and development, promoting high-tech, high-quality concept in CNC products in advertising, laser, woodworking, etc. Research and manufacturing field, with a forge ahead, to share the results of the fighting spirit and the credibility of the first, service-oriented principle of service, steady and sustainable development.
Then set the machine engraving machine handle back to the origin of the technique, what does Here we have to explain in detail?:
Engraving from the machining principle is a combination of drilling and milling machining, engraving machine multiple data entry modes as required ease. Computer engraving machine laser engraving and mechanical engraving two categories, these two types have high power and low power of the points. Since the scope of application of engraving machine is widely used, it is necessary to understand the scope of application of the most suitable engraving machine. Only suitable for low-power color plates, building models, small signs, three-dimensional crafts. Since the power is too small to significantly affect the scope of its application. High-power engraving machine can do something low-power engraving machine. Most suitable for large-scale cutting, embossing, engraving.
1. The basic structure of engraving machine: bed mechanism, a spindle motor, transmission, control systems, drives, stepper / servo motor, rail, drive, pumps, vacuum devices. uv glue drive motor is driven, the drive frequency of the spindle.
2. The bed is generally steel, our bed is through tempered to reduce internal stress. Refers to the so-called tempering after quench-hardening treatment of the steel material or the normalization of a process is placed after a dip below the critical temperature for some time, it cooled down at a rate, in order to increase the toughness of the material. From metallurgical principles, we will know after quenching and normalization process in soaking back into the home (aging) period of time, can contribute a portion of the carbide precipitation, while there may eliminate some of the residual stress caused by rapid cooling, the can be improved the toughness and flexibility. Obviously it depends on the effect of tempering tempering temperature and time that is back in the cooling rate and other factors including the origin parameters back to zero velocity and direction back to zero motion, back to zero velocity parameter modifications must be carried out in accordance with the overall structure of relief engraving machine . If the speed is too high it may lead to lost step, file processing error occurs. Usually rack drive back to zero speed control in 3000 on the can. Homing direction motor direction and motion parameters by homing limit switch installation position determination.
Specific steps are as follows: homing velocity settings: enter the menu, the cursor is automatically in the machine parameters; item, press zero; enter the setting item, press the X-; move the cursor down to set back to zero; and press OK ; enter, the cursor is back to zero velocity; entry, press OK; enter speed setting. Enter the value at the cursor. If you make a mistake, press Delete; key to delete the previous character, after input is complete, press Enter; key to confirm the new value at the cursor automatically moves to the Y-axis value settings, if this parameter is not need to change, press the Menu; button under the cursor automatically move up one row. When setting up the Z axis parameters, the system automatically returns to the previous menu. Zero return direction: Press X-; key to move the cursor to the direction of movement back to zero; entry, press OK; enter the setting, the X-axis direction of the cursor automatically in the settings, press Y +; and Y-; to change the current properties for the press X-; key to move the cursor to the next line. Press Enter; key to confirm the changes and return to the previous menu, press Cancel; discard the changes and return to the previous menu.



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