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Wood engraving machine screw wear how to solve

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Wood engraving machine screw wear how to solve. We all know, for wood engraving machine screw and guide rails are two very important components. Its quality is also a direct impact on the process of wood engraving machine! Friends also may find that linear guide ball screw woodworking engraving machine woodworking engraving machine and there are some different. The difference in the course of their work, ball screw engraving machine will issue a relatively large noise, of course, this noise is not to say the machine is broken, or the quality of the machine, the reason is the generation of noise in woodworking engraving machine the work process through friction to generate heat so that the wood engraving machine ball screw temperature increased, thus the friction coefficient becomes larger, it will gradually produce noise, which needs to be noted that the ball screw "wood engraving machine work the longer, the greater the noise. "
For this noise, I certainly can not stand, then how to solve the noise ball screw engraving machine sent it Here let us dwell on what?:
First, the first thought should be to select the appropriate wood engraving machine ball screw tightening torque;
Second, the amount of preload torque variation is reduced woodworking engraving machine ball screw, ball screw adapted to make high-speed driving requirements.
Third, from the structural design of the ball screw wood engraving machine began to take measures against the problems;
Fourth, from the engraving machine to engrave the process solutions, through a reasonable process, improve the intrinsic quality of the product;
The first three are to find a cause from the ball screw engraving machine itself above the last point is the external factors, together from the above four factors, then after our reasonable installation of ball screw drive devices, I believe will reduce the generation of noise can be suppressed or avoided the noise!



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