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Woodworking engraving machine side rails and round rails difference

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Woodworking engraving machine side rails and round rails difference. Side rails and round rails have their advantages, but in a way, than the side rails precision circular orbit accuracy is high, of course, the price above the price side rails certainly higher than the price of higher circular orbit, but the party rail is also cheap, inexpensive side rails on the accuracy and quality of a lot worse, which is to seize the customer's petty psychological, let those black heart of manufacturers turn small loopholes. So everyone in the purchase of round rail and side rails, not only in terms of price to be noted that in terms of quality, in particular, to focus on their accuracy, do not be deceived.
Here we are concerned that engraving machine side rails and round rails difference:
Linear guide Product features: high positioning accuracy, repeatability good rolling motion linear guide, particularly small coefficient of friction, static friction and dynamic friction gap is very small, even in the micro-feed will not be idle when slipping phenomenon , analytical ability and reproducibility of the best, so you can achieve μm-level positioning accuracy. Low friction, long maintained precision linear guide rolling friction can reduce the frictional resistance to sliding rail 1/20 to 1/40, in particular lubrication structure is simple, easy lubrication, excellent lubrication, friction and wear of the contact surfaces bottom, running accuracy can be maintained for a long time. Four-way can withstand high mechanical load capacity optimal geometric design of the structure, which can withstand radial, reverse-radial and lateral direction of the load, and keep walking accuracy, and can easily be applied to a number of pre-press and slide, it can improve performance and load capacity. Suitable for high-speed application of the friction characteristics of small, low-powered device to drive demand for large energy saving effect, especially sports wear small, low temperature effect, which can achieve mechanical miniaturization and high-speed requirements.



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