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Works NC CNC engraving machine Daquan

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Works NC CNC engraving machine Daquan, Jinan Acut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd. based cooperative research and development, promoting high-tech, high-quality concept in advertising research in numerical control products, laser, woodworking and other areas and manufacturing, with a forge ahead, to share the results of the fighting spirit and the credibility of the first, service-oriented principle of service, steady and sustainable development.
        Xiao Bian here want to ask, on a "performance affect the performance of the spindle motor engraving machine do?" We all learn it?
It works CNC CNC engraving machine Daquan what does Here we have to explain in detail?:
With the engraving machine is becoming increasingly popular, but the product looks so magical, CNC machining CNC engraving from the principle of speaking is a combination of drilling and milling machining, CNC engraving objects to choose the right technology and reasonable use, it can become ROI high project. Due to the unique advantages of professional CNC carving, engraving in the following industries GNC application in a more handy way: Die engraving and advertising carving industry.
1, advertising engraving carved, creating innovative CNC engraving different due to the characteristics of the object of a complex pattern, strange shapes, finished fine, and CNC engraving machine to light the main structure, which actually defines CNC engraving work for the : small milling cutter fast; in fact this is precisely CNC engraving professional advantage;, reason is CNC engraving in dry conventional large tools can not be processed business;.
2, mold engraving CNC engraving small knives dominate in most industrial applications in the field of plant mold industry, mold production process CNC engraving is not the main means of production and processing methods, but its role is minimal, in general, can be described as the finishing touch; this is a pattern of carved objects, text and complex surfaces; determined characteristics.
Current CNC engraving in the main business areas of mold engraving: copper and graphite electrode EDM machining mold industry is currently the main production equipment, a large demand for electrodes, but the lack of professional electrode production equipment, CNCN engraving for electricity sparks as professional support can be efficiently processed fine angular shape chic EDM electrodes. Precision metal stamping die and punch processing metal cold stamping industry is a major means of production, processing stamping die is a crucial link in metal stamping die Cr12 mainly for the processing of material, typically die CNC engraving processed are:! Glasses angle wire, beam glasses, glasses stipules core, buttons, jewelry, coins, cutlery handles, zipper.
CNC engraving processing precision punch more unique. Shoe sole mold and is a worldwide model for processing large shoe industry, shoe soles and processing is a major footwear production processes. CNC engraving can be configured and processed to the surface as the main form of artistic sole model (wood), Shoes high frequency (HF) mold and die cut skin. Disu (micro-injection) molds and doll mold mold Disu Disu gift is the main production tool, which is typical of thin-walled products, higher single and small batch consistency and precision requirements! CNC engraving is especially good at to the surface morphology of the thin-walled member 59 copper and other brittle materials processing. Watch parts machining and CNC machining of light which is specialized in the use of lightweight CNC equipment typical applications, professional equipment, high production efficiency, low investment costs! CNC engraving can be efficiently finely shaped case surface milling, drilling and engraving, CNC engraving also accurate fast case, bracelet, dial and other diamond drilling bits. And this is similar to the light CNC machining applications there are many, such as: decorations engraving, seal carving, lettering products, mold lettering, bronzing template, offset printing and the like. Embossing (sticks, pattern) roller and cylindrical parts engraved roll flower is the main means of production of leather, paper and other decorative products, CNC engraving in leather embossing roller (sticks), paper (napkins, wrapping paper, wallpaper ) embossing roller, cylindrical parts applied carving out unique! first board (Shouban, model) processing model of the first board (model model) is an essential tool for manual mechanical engraving, CNC engraving in accordance with physical modeling, two-dimensional realization the three-dimensional structure, high precision machining model template.



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